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XCart to Zoho CRM Connector is here!

Kloud Connectors is happy to announce an addition of one more Connector to our family, XCart Connector for Zoho CRM. Now, XCart MarketPlace users can sync their Customers, Products & Sales Orders related Customers and Products seamlessly with one of the best online customer relationship management system i.e. Zoho CRM.

Customer engagement is very critical for any eCommerce shop. But customer’s data should be available in the CRM system so that one can send campaigns and cross/upsell. Hence we designed this connector to address this issue. It allows you to sync XCart Sales Orders, related customers, and Products with Zoho CRM. This ensures your eCommerce Operations and Sales/Marketing teams are on the same page.

This integration between XCart and Zoho CRM by Kloud Connectors gives you an ability to schedule the automated syncs. This way, you don’t have to remember to sync them manually, the changes will get synced automatically every day at the time of your choice. The dashboard of Kloud Connectors account also shows  Sync Details, Sync Errors (if any). Because of this one can take corrective actions immediately. One can also configure the connector to receive an email so that you don’t have to log in to the account every day. Therefore, email would be sent only when there are errors.

Giving such transparency in syncs, such control over data to all the users is a hallmark of Kloud Connectors. And for this connector as well, we have provided all these features. This will give a consistent experience to all our users. As usual, this connector comes with unlimited data sync capabilities.

15 days Free Trial is available for XCart Connector for Zoho CRM  so that you can see it in action before clicking the buy button. KloudConnectors has priced this connector very attractively at $39.99 per month. Furthermore, the connector also comes with an unlimited number of records syncs.  In conclusion, use this connector and never do the manual data entry again.

If you are a XCart eCommerce User and Zoho CRM fan, why don’t you give it a try? Trial is Free.

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