XCart To XERO Connector Is Here

KloudConnectors is happy to announce addition of one more Connector to our family, XCart to Xero Connector. Now, XCart users can sync their Customers, Products & Sales Orders related Customers and Products with one of the most exciting Accounting software XERO.


XCartTX integrates Ecommerce system with the Accounting Software

  • Firstly, connects your XCart and Xero using XCart to XERO Connector.
  • It can sync all your Products & Customers present in XCart into your Xero.
  • It can also sync all your XCart Orders along with the related Contacts and Products information into your Xero

List of Features:

Schedule the Sync once and Enjoy the benefits every single day. Focus on your core business

  • Get your popular Products autoMagically from your XCart to XERO, as a result your sales team will be on the same page with the rest
  • See customer orders from your XCart getting updated as Invoices in your XERO autoMagically
  • In addition to above features, it Connects your 2 most Important Systems of your Business, your Accounting Software and your E-Commerce system with this E-Commerce plugin.
  • Finally, you can set up the connector once and it runs automatically. Connector also comes with Sync on Demand option as a result you can force the sync if you want to sync immediately. 

15 days Free Trial is available for XCartTX Connector so that you can see it in action before clicking the buy button. The price of monthly subscription, where there is no limit on number of records imposed by us, is priced attractively at US$ 39.99 per month. For such a small amount, what you get is a hassle free working with both the systems that you love, XCart and XERO.

If you are a XERO User and XCart fan, why don’t you give it a try? Trial is Free.
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Watch How to Setup XCart to Xero Connector


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