X-Cart to QuickBooks Online Connector Is Here!

KloudConnectors is happy to announce launch of one more Connector to our family, X-Cart to QuickBooks Online connector. X-Cart users can Integrate X-Cart with QuickBooks Online using KloudConnectors. Now, X-Cart users can sync their Sales Orders, Customers, Products and relevant taxes seamlessly with one of the best online Accounting software; QuickBooks Online.

Managing Accounting for eCommerce shop is very critical to their success. This connector is designed to help customers solve this problem. Connectors helps to sync X-Cart Orders, Customers and Products with QuickBooks Online. This results in better collaboration between eCommerce team and Accounting team.

Firstly, with this integration between X-Cart and QuickBooks Online by KloudConnectors customers can schedule automated syncs at pre-defined time. As a result, customers don’t have to remember to sync them, the changes will get synced automatically everyday at the time of your choice. As a business owner, it is very important to automate as many processes as possible. This can help customers save tremendous amount of time and also improve the efficiency of their organization. 

The Dashboard of KloudConnectors shows Sync Details, Sync Errors if any. This helps customers to take corrective actions immediately. Customers can also set-up to receive an email so that they don’t have to login to the account everyday. The connector sends out email only when there is an error. Also, there is good amount of documentation which can get customers started immediately. 

Giving such transparency in syncs, such control over data, workflow to the customers is a hallmark of KloudConnectors. And for this connector as well, we have provided all these facilities. This will give a consistent experience to all our users. As usual, this connector comes with unlimited data sync capabilities.

15 days Free Trial is available for X-Cart to QuickBooks Online connector; so customers can see it in action before clicking the buy button. In the end, this connector with unlimited record syncs is priced very attractively at US$ 39.99 per month. This will result in huge savings of time and also increase the accuracy of the data. Use this connector once and never do the manual data entry again.

In conclusion, if you are an XCart User and QB Online fan, why don’t you give it a try? Trial is Free.

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Watch How to Setup Process XCart to QuickBooks Online Connector

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